Welcome to the website of COCÖÖÖN organizations. You are at the heart of the THE COCÖÖÖN consortium ecosystem.

COCÖÖÖN Organizations manages the ecosystem The COCÖÖÖN consortium and deploys the strategies of all the projects that these are technological projects, social or complete ecosystems.

It is located in Geneva, Switzerland.

She runs a network of local COCÖÖÖN organizations that represent her as:

  • other associations:
    • COCÖÖÖN organization in Abidjan in Ivory Coast
    • COCÖÖÖN organization Cameroon (in progress)
    • COCÖÖÖN organization India (in progress)
  • embassies:
    • Embassy COCÖÖÖN Vaud in Switzerland
    • Embassy COCÖÖÖN Lomé in Togo

She runs a network of CCRII (Chambers of Commerce Resilience and International Innovation)

  • CCRII Geneva in Switzerland
  • CCRII Abidjan in Ivory Coas

She runs EVE alization Incubatorwhich is developing

  • projects that are destined to become external services
  • companies.

She directs CIRCLES Community sub-consortiums on various themes:

  • volunteers
  • the Lounges
  • Shines
  • agro-food processing …