The association COCÖÖÖN organizations is an association under Swiss law. It manages the whole of The COCÖÖÖN consortium and its accounts are supervised by Keller SA in Lausanne.

COCÖÖÖN organizations is composed of:

  • a meeting and a committee of 4 people allowing agile and sustainable management of our actions which are planned over 30 years. We believe in the separation of administrative management and the political management of organizations.
  • volunteers and beneficiaries who are affiliate members and therefore non-voting. They are divided into circles or sub-consortia. Their governance is done through the Social Code of COCÖÖÖN consortium.
  • a string of associations, embassies, Chambers of Commerce and Circles of members and partners all affiliated with the association.
  • a control body for our accounts and shares: Keller SA in Lausanne

Virginie Guignard Legros

President and Founder

Director of Communication Green Film Festival and Specialist AI / Blockchain / Innovation Management


Claire Giannesini Fritsch

Co-Founder et member of Comitee

Pedagogical Manager at Jacques Arnaud Professional Rehabilitation Center


Ksenija Cipek

Member of Comitee

International Expert in Taxes, Law Creator, Project Manager at the Ministry of Finance


Kajenthran AM

Member of Comitee

Founder and CEO of StartUp Wager Games