Our Mission

Each site has a mission

  • assess local or international needs
  • create a business plan or application for funds
  • to resume modeling already been developed elsewhere by our teams
  • manage local teams
  • to report to the local COCÖÖÖN or COCÖÖÖN organizations
  • to take care of local beneficiaries with dignity and respect for their culture

But each site also has complementary missions

  • the representation of the COCÖÖÖN organization by a delegation of embassies or the creation of a national association affiliated to COCÖÖÖN. Their mission is the local management of the administrations, the beneficiaries, the partners as well as the buildings and the grounds given for the realization of projects.
  • the representation of our Chamber of Commerce CCRII (Chamber of Commerce Resilience and International Innovation). It regulates the circles of knowledge and interests, whether commercial, scientific, or of public utility. They take place in cities or centers “RESILLIENCE, a heart for all”.
  • the representation EQORIA P (partner EQORIA) which aims to teach the 11 levels of collective consciousness necessary to integrate the skill levels of the Future Cities of the Consortium EQORIA.